Introducing VaultXP!

VAULTXP is a non-inflationary cryptocurrency that is built to provide profit generating strategies and farming with a new innovative approach. VAULTXP is designed to make holders of the token as profitable as providing liquidity by balancing both sides

VaultXP token holders are incentivized to provide governance decisions and provide strategy contracts for it to decentralize automization strategies. A percentage of unstaking, staking will be used to market-buy the incentivized VAULTXP token.

Presale Info

11/13 5:00AM Central Time

VaultXPs presale hard cap is at 650 eth, the reason for this being we understand the recent abnormalities happening in the space therefore we want to reward the presaler but also limit the original sale. Our upcoming features such as staking, unstaking will all benefit the original presaler. Our LSE(Liquidity Soft Event) will make sure right after listing there is a reason for us to buy the token. VaultXPs team have been looking at recent tokens and their volumes such as YFBETA, CORE etc. and we want to fix the problem of initial pumps. We believe this is the right step in that direction.

Liquidity Soft Event

The LSE or liquidity soft event is the first of its kind. We are excited to release this because this is a multi day event (2 days max) of staking your VaultXP tokens. This will cause excitement and make sure the early holders of our token are rewarded. The LSE will get additional benefits to staking your VaultXP such as getting priority over future stakers. This means that users who participate in the LSE will get more rewards compared to users who will stake their tokens AFTER the LSE. You need to provide liqudiity WITH the VAULTXP token to participate.

Provide liquidity

VaultXPs liquidity will follow CORE’s footstep in having a percentage of VaultXP have dev fees and reward fees for the staker. We believe that the current design of COREs staking is truly the best model today to follow.

Thanks for the support!

Thank you for supporting VaultXP! We are excited to bring new strategies and design to the community with our team. You will all be hearing from us soon!



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